Down South exploring a new home
A change of scenery (Torrey Pines State Reserve).
I was graduating early and leaving the friends and connections I had made in Berkeley prematurely. My co-worker and friend approached me with the opportunity to develop for a wealth management startup in San Diego. Leaving the Bay had become a recent goal of mine, as I sought to leave my comfort zone and start anew.
My favorite beach.
The beach pictured above has been my go to spot since arrival. Someone even decided to steal my car from the neighborhood I park in... That was a stressful experience, but the car was safely returned with only a few minor damages. The surf here is consistent and under appreciated which makes it wonderful for me (not a fan of crowded spots)
Del Mar is always epic.
I am extremely thankful for this experience as it has begun shaping me as a young professional. Waking up early for a 6am workout, getting yelled at by my crossfit instructor to set a new personal record. Showing up to work amped and ready to proceed with the daily onslaught of bugs and rewrites, that would incrementally prepare the database for production. Racing to the beach after work to hop in the water for a quick surf or just to watch the sun set over the water.
A butterfly wing collage.
The friends and family I have found here have proven extremely rewarding. While building the low-level infrastructure to manage Willport's specific storage needs the CEO would bring me coffee and educate me on various startup logistics such as C Corps, convertible notes, and... you get the point. In conclusion, I feel both happy and blessed to be learning so much in such a beautiful place.